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Positive communication and empowerment are our practice. Kids & Teens public speaking training, self-esteem coaching, confidence consulting, leadership training, positive communication counseling in DC, Maryland, Virginia and online lessons and classes are NOSIRI Empowerment Center specialties."NOSIRI taught me so much about how to speak in public with confidence! I am so excited about going to school and presenting in my classes." - Ryan B.

NOSIRI offers 1-on-1 coaching for youth, as well as, a special summer youth workshop. The NOSIRI 8 Week Public Speaking Intensive Youth Summer Workshop Program is a group designed program to prepare youth ages 6 to 19 to become great speakers and presenters. This is a 2Hours, weekly Saturday program which includes end date performance event presentation and workshop style training for youth. NOSIRI is the only public speaking intensive summer program in the world offering a truly 100 % self-esteem and confidence boost program to cultivate public speaking skills to promote positive communication strategies for a lifetime of success. 
"After I started coaching with NOSIRI, I started feeling really good about my ability to talk and speak about any topic. It was so helpful." - Tommy"NOSIRI 1-on-1 sessions and workshops both helped me feel confident about my ability to speak and helped me start letting my voice be heard." -  S. M.
Kids public speaking workshops & 1-on-1 coaching.
Kids Public Speaking Confidence Workshop
6 Weeks Workshop  • 2 Hours per week  • Rates & Availability
A New Client Assessment (cost $53.00) is required before enrollment. This allows the instructor to tailor the workshop to your child's needs.

Saturdays: July 7th to Aug. 11th        2PM-4PM - cost $1,500 
To enroll, call us 240-271-6098 

Saturdays: July 7th to Aug. 11th        10AM-12PM - cost $1,500
To enroll, call us 240-271-6098 

NOSIRI is rated the best:
public speaking & presentation workshops
positive communication consulting
1-on-1 coaching 
leadership training
confidence consulting
intercultural communication courses 
Headquarters located in the Washington DC metropolitan area & online classes. 

"All the workshops were full of fun activities and I can't believe how easy it is for me now to speak up and present in front of kids my age and in front of adults." - Kimmy J.
public speaking kids teen DC Maryland classes.
   ✓ Workshop Sessions: Only 4 to 6 students per class focusing on 
  each student's speaking concerns.
  ✓ Students gain confidence while building public speaking skills.
  ✓ Build self-esteem & assertiveness while respecting others. 
  ✓ Obtain speaking techniques and improve communication style.
  ✓ Train & present with peer group in workshop style training.
  ✓ Learn from an expert public speaker and train to become one.
  ✓ Present in front of parents in special speaking performance   

  ✓ Workshops & 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions: Empower your 
  speech and learn to communicate with any one any audience & 
  ✓Eliminate anxiety & nervousness.
  ✓ Resolve inter-personal/intra-personal communication 
  ✓ Hone communication skills internally and externally.
  ✓ Speak with confidence.
  ✓ Passionately deliver any speech.
  ✓ Gain presentation skills.
  ✓ Become assertive and gain your voice.
  ✓ Build family communication dynamic.
  ✓ Resolve communication issues and resolve conflict.
  ✓ Gain intercultural and cross-cultural communication 

Please call us at (240) 271-6098 to check availability as we do sell out each summer."I love NOSIRI public speaking workshops. They really change how you think about talking in front of people." -  M. L."If you go to NOSIRI kids workshops you can't help but to have fun because the workshops are super cool and you learn how to talk like a professional speaker." - Bailey G.

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"I was looking for a public speaking workshop or classes for my son. After doing some online research, I found NOSIRI Empowerment Center. My son already felt positive changes after the initial consulting session with Dr. Nosiri. After four sessions of coaching, we are so glad to see the positive changes to my son. Like NOSIRI Empowerment Center's 's logo, 'Better mindset, better you, better life' Dr. Nosiri did a great job working with my son on his self-esteem and public speaking skills.” - Lydia Lan

“My daughter had anxiety while presenting in front of people. After going to NOSIRI Empowerment Center she shines during presentations. She is in college now and if it was not for NOSIRI Empowerment Center she would not be the confident speaker she is today. I highly recommend NOSIRI to everyone.”
- Paula. S. B.

“NOSIRI has helped my daughter to thrive in school and socially. I am so glad I found NOSIRI.”
- Cindy K.

“NOSIRI has been priceless to providing my son success today.” -
Bob R.